I'm Vikki

Enthusiastic and focused individual majorly interested in  

Designing Development and Digital marketing.

About Me

My expertise lies in designing, developing and implementing digital strategies 

Growing a brand online

Meet a digital strategist extraordinaire! With expertise in designing, developing, and implementing cutting-edge digital strategies, they stand at the forefront of the ever-evolving online landscape. Armed with a keen understanding of market trends, consumer behavior, and emerging technologies, they craft innovative solutions that drive business growth and enhance brand visibility.

Their passion for creating engaging user experiences and harnessing the power of data analytics sets them apart.

From crafting compelling marketing campaigns to optimizing web platforms, their skillful guidance ensures organizations stay ahead in the digital realm. A true visionary, they are the driving force behind successful, future-proofed digital ventures.

Growing a brand online!

What Services I'm Providing

As a professional in Digital Solutions, I am a master of transforming businesses with digital innovation.

Creative Design

Quality design become an eye-catching business by conveying insights with appealing illustrations.



Digital Marketing

The majority of internet businesses ignore the true value of social media leads. In order to ensure that your audience is drawn into the community 


Web Development

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. 



UI/UX Design

The ultimate goal of both UI and UX design is to build an end product which is simple to operate and appealing to look at with the best performances.

Photo & Video Productions

Fantabulous and glorious contents originated for your Photo & video content with VKS Photography.


Working Process

Construct a digital platform for the brand. Through a variety of digital channels, draw in, connect with, and amuse your target audience.Make the brand and its customers emotionally connected.


Currently Following Higher National Diploma Program in Software Engineering

Diploma in Software Engineering

Esoft Metro Campus Approved by Pearson: A comprehensive Diploma in Software Engineering​, equipping graduates with expert-level knowledge and skills in software development and engineering principles, paving the way for successful tech careers.

Diploma in Web Engineering

Elevate your web engineering prowess with an accredited Diploma from Esoft Metro Campus, approved by Pearson. Master the art of web development and design, setting the stage for a thriving tech career.

Diploma In Information and technology

A comprehensive Diploma in Information and Technology, equipping graduates with cutting-edge skills in IT, preparing them for thriving careers in the dynamic digital world.

Higher National Diploma in Software Engineering

A comprehensive HND with essential software engineering skills, preparing them for a successful career in the dynamic and innovative tech industry.

Fundamental Of Digital Marketing -Google Garage

Google Garage’s approved Fundamental of Digital Marketing qualification: Learn essential digital marketing skills in this comprehensive program. Master online advertising, social media marketing, analytics, and more for business success.

GCE Ordinary level & GCE Advance Level
OL-2018 AL-2021

GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level qualifications in Sri Lanka are recognized by the government, representing completion of secondary and higher education levels, respectively.

Work Experience

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Graphic Designer
Freelancer 2018-Present

Experienced Graphic Designer since 2018, proficiently crafting visually captivating designs across various mediums. Demonstrates creativity, technical prowess, and a keen eye for detail in delivering impactful visual solutions.

Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Freelancer 2022-Present

Web Designer since 2022, proficiently creating visually stunning and user-centric websites. Utilizes cutting-edge design tools, coding languages, and UI/UX principles to deliver outstanding digital experiences.

Web Designer
Web & Application Developer

As a learning developer currently working as a freelancer in developing.





Web & Application Developer
Freelancer 2020-Present

As a learning UI/UX designer currently working as a freelancer in Ui/Ux designing.





UI/UX Designer
Digital Marketing-Intern
2022-2023 in ITEK Solution

Interned at ITEK Solution, a UK-based company, from 2022 to 2023. Gained hands-on experience in digital marketing, executing campaigns, analytics, and assisting in developing strategies for online growth.

Junior Platform Manager

Assist in managing platform operations, user support, and updates. Collaborate with teams, troubleshoot issues, and contribute to platform growth.



Junior Platform manager

My Portfolio

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What My Clients Says

“Stay In Touch with me​”

Impressed by the creative design, brand identity, and marketing strategy. Effective and captivating work, highly recommended.”


Impactful, impressive, and engaging results that exceeded expectations.”




“Fantastic web design and video edits! Exceeded expectations, professional, and visually stunning. Highly recommend their services!”

Samuel Stevens

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Stay connected and in touch with me for regular updates and communication.”